About Us


I'm Mikayla, and these are the sweet little gals that help me pack up and ship your blocks!
My husband and I were tired of the endless options of plastic toys with lights, sounds, and bright colors. So when our oldest daughter was 6 months old, he decided she needed her own set of blocks; and he strived to make something that was high-quality wood, and of course safe for her to play with! After spending some time in his Dads workshop, he came back with a set of blocks and their own custom box. We played with them for months and loved them, then it dawned on us that other people might like them too! They're aesthetically pleasing, timeless, great for imaginative play, and fun for the whole family!
Next up, we fine tuned our design, had them tested and approved for 6 months+ and now here we are -- ingrain kids!
Not only do we want our blocks to match your lifestyle, we pray that they build many memories for years to come! 
Xx, Mikayla